Aurora is a Social Enterprise designed to make a real difference.

Aurora was created to make a difference and save lives, & powers a number of initiatives for positive change. These include:

  • Aurora Smart Tags - Domestic & commercial smart tag solutions, such as Medical ID bracelets & pet tags, to event ticketing, inventory management & property management solutions. Aurora Smart Tags go beyond saving lives, working in conjunction with other initiatives, while helping save lives & bring peace of minds, as well as support businesses, charities & the local community.
  • The Deals 4 Donations platform - A deals site to help the local businesses improve sales, while supporting worthwhile causes. Providing great offers to their community, providing a great way for businesses to get noticed.
  • Publishing for Good - Helping experts bring their knowledge to an audience through a library of books, audiobooks, & other published media, supporting good causes too. Working in conjunction with other initiatives, such as QR technology for realtime tracking, allowing readers & authors to monitor book sales & donations, plus leverage membership & subscription capabilities, authors can make a truly positive difference
  • Membership for Good - An easy to use & highly versatile membership & subscription management solution, designed to make it easy for anyone to manage membership groups of any size
  • Networking for Good - Aurora sponsors a networking initiative, with positive minded individuals, where membership fees are donated to quantified charitable impacts, using the Aurora donation platform


Aurora was designed to be of great benefit to everyone in the community, with so many positive ways to make a real difference.

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