Aurora is a Social Enterprises with an unwaivering mission to improve & save lives.

This is done through a number of initiatives to support members of the public, small businesses, good causes, & communities as a whole.

Initiatives include:

  • Aurora Smart Tags - Domestic & commercial smart tag solutions e.g. life-saving wearables & commercial tagging technologies
  • The Deals 4 Donations platform - A deals site to help the local businesses improve sales, while supporting worthwhile causes
  • Publishing for Good - helping support authors & good causes too
  • Membership for Good - A versative membership & subscription management solution, to support businesses, causes & other initiatives
  • Networking for Good - Aurora sponsored weekly networking event for positive minded individuals, supporting charitable causes through weekly donations


At the heart of Aurora is a super-app, designed to support businesses, good causes, & the community, through a wide range of features. This allows us to focus on eliminating a number of major challenges that charities experience, such as donor apathy, high fundraising costs, & building trust, at the same time as increasing engagement & positive interaction with their audience.

Aurora’s mission statement is to:
“to offer Aurora's rewarding super-app benefits to a range of positive initiatives, using a win-win-win-win business model, while generating revenue to assist transparent good causes & aid the micro & small business economy, hand in hand both ethically & professionally”


With a well defined, strong long-term oriented business model, built on the needs of businesses & charities, we believe Aurora is a social enterprise with a srong mission, & a future to be proud of.