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Aurora Smart Tags and ICE Wearables

Aurora Smart Tags are one of Aurora's initiatives working towards our single mission; to make a real difference.   Designed to provide key information, when found, to aid care and recovery. Our domestic wearables are designed to help save lives. Helping first responders provide access to life saving medical & contact, & location information, leading to the best selection of care, Auroras's ICE Smart Tags, powered by Aurora's global platform, are designed to be easy to use, robust, and reliable. Offered in a range of forms, they are ideal for anyone with a medical condition, life-threatening allergy, health & fitness enthusiasts, pets, & are ideal during pregancy, as well as for dementia sufferers. If you find someone in need, a lost pet, or even a set of keys, carrying one of our "ICE NFC" Smart Tags, scan the tag and find out important, potentially life saving information, ranging from medical or carer details, to return instructions. Easy.   It's easy to help save the lives of the ones you care about, with our ICE medical emergency Smart tags & bands:     •   Easy to Set Up. Easy to Update - It's got to be simple, so it can easily be kept up to date!    •   No Special App - After all, who has time to download an app in an emergency?!    •   Works with virtually every smartphone, including iPhones and Android - Universal compatibility    •   Works Worldwide - Who knows where it may be needed!    •   Store up to date key medical & owner contact information - You choose what information you wish to display!    •   Receive location alerts when scanned - Know when & where the tag was scanned!    •   Uses tried & tested NFC technology, already integrated into virtually all modern smartphones - A worldwide standard!    •   Weatherproof/water resistant - Designed to be tough!    •   One off price. No subscription costs   Want to know more? For more information on Aurora Smart Tags, and other wearables, visit or download the brochure on ICE SmartTags Brochure For details on Commercial uses for Aurora Smart Tags, such as asset tagging, inventory management, & proof of presence Compliance, visit

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