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Privacy Policy

We believe in Privacy. Not just because of the GDPR (Global Data Protection Regulations) and PII (Personal Identifiable Information) regulations, but also because we see it as your choice with whom you share your personal information. If you require more information on how we maintain our GDPR compliance, please contact us.

As a result, each user will not be asked to provide personally identifiable information, which is another reason why donations are only ever to be made to registered and screened charities, and never paid to individuals.

However, some of the limited information we collect (after being suitably anonymised to avoid possible change of recognition), may be of use to others, either for their own market research, tailoring marketing campaigns, or in some other shape and form to help the community.

We won't share personal information, because we don't collect any! But if we do generate any money by the sale of anonymous untraceable data, we will we update your donation pot accordingly, further helping good causes.

We have very strict sharing rules, top level data security, and a highly experienced technical team. We recognise that reputation is everything, and we will do our best never to compromise yours.

Shopping Privacy:

Users who register and make purchases via our partner webshop, however will require separate registration. This information is stored in the webshop, and is used to ensure that your identity and your purchases are linked for security reasons.

All user purchases will be screened via our Payment Merchant Account to the highest level available, to protect the card holder. This means we do not store your credit card information, but will link any purchases to a payment transaction.

If you wish for us to remove your profile from either the webshop or the portal, this can easily be done, simply visit your account section & click to remove your account. Once deleted, it cannot be reversed.

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