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Dedications and Thanks

10. Love the way you're helping save lives!

9. Such an important product range. It deserves to reach its full potential.

8. Amazed by how many ways there are to use SmartBands & how you help charities!

7. Well & truly impressed with your innovative gadgets, such life saving potential

6. Excellent product I will be recommending this to my mum and family

5. 2018, here we come....

3. T&A - ATOY - A&F

2. To FM – Thank you for always being there. Glad we are on the road together x

1. To my best friend, Tom Petherbridge. World will never be the same without you

This page contains "Dedications and Thanks, as well as other Messages" from our contributing supporters.

* You can buy a "Thank-you" or "Dedication" through our webshop, and then add it to the site.

* To add a Dedication, follow the link in the email that is sent to you. Then select an emoji and add a message (max 80 characters)

* Your thanks will go a long way - Half of what we receive from "Thank-you" donations will go towards further enhancing the platform, while half will go towards helping good causes.

For more detais of how to submit a dedication visit the Dedication Instructions page

Your Thanks/Dedication that you put on the site is here to stay! It will only ever be removed if specifically requested by you, as the contributor, or if the dedication does not meet the simple 'no-offence' rule.



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