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Terms and Conditions

We want to make our terms and conditions simple, easy to understand and relatively short. Key principle is that we will work, within the confines of the law, to help generate donations for good causes.

To avoid becoming a financial organisation, with all the red tape that goes with it, we cannot give you the balance in your donation pots directly, but instead promise to donate to your selected charities/campaigns. The equivalent financial amount will be sent to the various charities for their corresponding campaigns, as the amount you request via the reward donation allocation process from your Reward Pots.

For legal and tax reasons, we will only ever provide donations to registered organisations (e.g. registered charities, CIC's, non-profits), in conjunction with UK regulations, such as Anti-Money Laundry, Know Your Customer, GDPR, as well as any other known legal restrictions. Reputation is everything. We are not willing to compromise ours.

Sometimes, the donations generated through the website may not be traced back to an individual, for a variety of reasons beyond our control. For this we apologise. Be assured that any untraced donations will be put into the main central donation pot for everyone can see. There's nothing hidden, and worthwhile good causes will still benefit.

The choice of good causes to receive untraced donations will also be made very transparent, and something you can help to influence. How to do so is explained on the Q&A page.

No doubt, there will have to be more soon to add to the Terms and Conditions section, due to the need for legal disclaimers, but we hope you will appreciate by this point that we are a values driven business, determined to follow the law, and to do something worthwhile in a transparent and positive manner.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
If you have any questions about our terms and conditions, please contact us for peace of mind.

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