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About Us

What is Aurora?

Aurora is a Social Enterprise that was designed to use technology to improve and save lives through a wide range of life changing initiatives.

Each initiative is designed to build on or complement one another, powered by the highly capable, robust & reliable technology platform 'Aurora.Enterprises'.

Although Aurora powers several initiatives, the two most important ones are Aurora's ICE Smart Tags, & Aurora's Deals 4 Donations.

What are ICE Smart Tags?

ICE Smart Tags are a range of tags for a wide range of uses in both the residential & commercial sector, providing benefits in Medical ID, as well as Inventory, Propery, Events, & Care Management. Through a growing number of resellers, across a wide range of markets, ICE Smart Tags are making a difference across all corners of the globe. Just some of the ways include:

  • ICE Smart Bands - Medical ID Bracelets, designed for anyone with a long term medical condition such as Diabeties or Dementia, or allergy sufferers Keeping ICE (In Case of Emergency) medical & key contact information at hand, saves lives, saves times, & helps provide the right selection of care. 
  • ICE Pet Tags - Offering UK Legal Pet Tags with integrated Smart technology to help re-unite pets with their dog parents.
  • Charity Smart Bands - Offering a usable alternative to the silicone bracelet, Charity Smart Bands help promote the charity brand, offer a wide range of features, & carry the wearers important life saving medical or contact information. Products extend to a range of charity cards, such as our unique 'Homeless Cards', designed to permanently get homeless individuals off the street & re-integrated into better lives.
  • Commercial Smart Tags - Compliance focused Inventory Management Tags, Property Management Tags, Care Provider Tags & more. Designed to support a wide range of industries, from offices to care homes or domestic care, to property rentals  or Museums. With a wide range of industry selectable features to create a personalised interaction workflow to save time, money, risk, & effort, with integrated audit & reporting capabilities, & much more.

Powered by Aurora, & designed to work in conjunction with other initiatives, ICE Smart Tags offer a wide range of benefits that make them unparalleled in their potential.

What is the Deals 4 Donations Directory?

Another initiative powered by Aurora is the D4D directory, containing local deals from the local community of business owners.

Special offers always attract local interest. By rewarding deal-buying customers with a charity donation to donate to what is important to them, it's a win for the customer, win for the charity, & a win for the local business too!


Help connect with your local community by registering your enterprise - FREE - in our online directory!

It's quick, easy, & only takes a couple of minutes, giving the world another way to find you!


Register your Enterprise, Free!

The easiest way to register your enterprise, free, is to start here:

It's a simple 3 step process! (But do check your junk mail if you don't appear to receive anything)


Want to Know Our Origin Story & How We Will Change the World Together?

In 2016, a group of like minded friends decided to stop complaining about all that was wrong in the world, & made a promise to actually do something about it!

With so many ways to help to positively change the world, deciding on the best way to make a real difference was difficult at the beginning. After a lot of time & a lot of thought, the way forward was soon clear; to provide a range of technology powered initiatives to bring benefit to everyone.

Powered by Aurora, we launched the D4D and ICE initiatives, & the years since have been spent growing, enhancing, & refining what we do, to make it even easier than ever for us all to make a difference.


Some of our Resources:

The Deals 4 Donations Initiative includes:

ICE Smart Tags Initiative:


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