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Aurora's Business and Charity Directory

Running a small business can be tough, having to not only do what a company was created for, but also all of the day-to-day business activities that can be time consuming & overwhelming. So the people behind Aurora took their skills from many decades of running businesses, charities,, non-profits & clubs, and tried to create a platform to make it easier, especially for the micro-businesses, and small start-ups without the skilled team to focus on those distractions. Aurora doesn't have all of the answers. But it does have some! Although Aurora offers a range of initiatives, ranging from smart tagging solutions, directories, a deals platform, a membership platform, and so much more, the first challenge virtually every business needs to overcome is to be discovered. As such the best starting point is to register on our Business & Charity Directory. Our standard listing is free, forever, only takes a few minutes to get listed, & helps people find you, & contact you directly. Turning an Idea into an Enterprise: Anyone who has ever tried to turn an idea into an enterprise knows just how difficult it can be. It's not even about how good your idea actually is. It's about potential customers, both in and out of the local community actually knowing you exist. Without being found, nothing else matters. Aurora tries to help you get discovered, & to level the playing field by supporting local enterprises (businesses, charities, non-profits & clubs) with our free & easy to use directory, allowing local enterprises to spend their time focusing more on what they do best. Our Free Enterprise Directory: With our free directory. we want to create a pleasant and rewarding experience for all. We don't spam you. We don't abuse your data (as we wouldn't want anyone to abuse ours). In other words, we treat others how we would hope to be treated ourselves We try to help you become better known to the people in or visiting your area. What better way to offer support than to help you get found by your local online commmunity? Why Register: It is important to integrate with the local online commmunity. Aurora wants to be the place that promotes good businesses, as well as great causes Causes: Registering your charity, non-profit, or club, helps people to truly understand your cause, especially when 'promises' are made for how donations are turned into clear benefits (e.g. for every £10 promise to save 3 penguins). This encourages engagement, builds trust, & helps you connect with advocates in your community. How to Register: There's several ways you can do this. Because we know that time is precious, we've tried to make it easy. Adding your enterprise takes just a few minutes, & is done in 3 simple steps. If it helps your get noticed, or even just brings you a single loyal customer, isn't it worth it? To view our business directory please click here To view our charity directory please click here To begin the simple process of adding yourself to our directory, simply fill out the form, and then check your email for next steps: Name Contact Email Enterprise Name Business Charity Non-profit/CIC Club                         Note: Due to the overwhelming quantities of unqwanted emails, mail applications are increasingly labelling emails as spam. Therefore, if you do not receive an email from us to help you progress to step 2 of 3, within 5 minutes, please check your junk mail folder.

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