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Powered by Aurora

Powered by Aurora - Using the Aurora platform to enable a range of initiatives, using the technology of Aurora to improve and save lives. As Aurora's mission progressed, & the number of initiatives grew, they were able to work together to bring more and more benefits to visitors, site users, businesses, & good causes becoming far bigger than the sum of each of the parts.   Initiative 1: Deals 4 Donations Deals that generate Donations & Support Communities: Local businesses registered onto Aurora's free enterprise directory, can offer deals to attract interest from their community. A portion of the proceeds of each sale is converted into a donation for the good causes that customers choose to support. Marketplace Broker Service: For a small brokerage fee, Aurora performs a marketplace brokerage service, helping businesses focus on offering great products & services, helping customers enjoy great products, & allocate half of our fee to the good causes on our Good Cause directory, that customers believe in. Partner Webshops: In partnership & interacting with trusted partner sites, deals are made available from trusted webshops, with the ability to offer post-only deals, deals not requiring reservation, & a booking service for deals requiring reservation, allowing visitors to search for availability on deals prior to purchase. To find out more about Deals 4 Donation deals click here. To see the Business Directory, click here To see the Good Causes Directory, click here To see the Campaigns (the projects of good causes), and the promises they make, click here   Initiative 2: ICE Smart Wearables ICE Smart Tags are a range of Aurora Smart Tags that are designed to provide life saving information 'In Case of Emergency' (such as allergies, relevant medical conditions, key people to contact, & more). These are available in a variety of models & designs, such as Medical Alert ICE Smart Bands, keyfobs, & tags, Smart pet tags, & Health & Safety tags. ICE Smart Wearables are easily scanned using their integrated NFC reader technology, which is found in virtually all smartphones, making them easy to use, easy to access, easy to change, and cost effective too.   Initiative 3: Commercial Smart Tags Using Aurora Smart Tags support a number of different functions across a number of industries. With unlimited flexibility and customisation, the potential for commercial tagging solutions are endless. Depending on who is interacting with the tag, & what is their allocated role for that tag, smart tags will provide a different custom experience. Some of the many available 'modes' include: Inventory Management: Easily manage inventories using real, QR & virtual tags Property Management: Helping make property management & Compliance easier & simpler, with easy restricting of access to important information. Great for property rental, Commercial Premises, AirBnB's, & much more. Construction: Easy management of subcontractors entering/exiting a site, allocating equipment & providing auditable health & safety records for compliance. Care Sector: Whether in Care Homes or Domicillary Care, recognised care providers can briefly tap our smart tags each time any interaction with a patient, also creating an audit report record of care. Event Management: Easily create & manage ticketing, access, ID verification, security, & even Vaccination passporting, coupled with a range of other access and reporting capabilities. Museums, Self Tours: Offering the ability for visitors to interact with stationary tags, purchase tickets or media access, and enjoy guided tours in a variety of languages and formats. Rental & Tourism Services: Helping rental organisations, from vehicle rental to tourism to loan out tags, containing key information, such as contracts, local places of interest to the renter, or to display important ICE information if scanned by members of the public. Charity Collection: Making it easy for charity collectors (such as street campaigners or homeless) to respectfully interact with members of the public, to encourage engagement through learning about the cause, sharing, and donating, while also helping provide a record of where & when such interactions took place. Health & Safety + Compliance: Utilising features such as displaying Audit & Compliance Reports, & easy transfer of key wearer data  Promotional Goods: Using custom designs, adhesive stickers, & co-branding capabilities, Aurora's Smart wearables can be provided in a range of designs, to act as highly memorable promotional goods with the potential to save the life of the carrier, increasing customer retention, & improving brand awareness, recognition, & association. & more! More information on some of the many commercial uses can be seen by viewing the ICE Smart Tags website and viewing the Use Case Brochure. Offering custom workflow, custom modes, white label services, & even tailored advanced level reporting, taking tag management to a new level! Some of the key platform features include: Tag Location History (time, date, location, username & role) Inventory tag reporting (& easy search, sorting & filtering) Tag & workflow reporting & custom alerting (incl. proximity, duration, warning & expiry/renewal dates, & other rules) Easy bulk tag updating, filtering & reporting Compliance reporting (easy RAG reporting on status & tag properties) Advanced level reporting & custom tag workflow Easy to use customer membership features (run your own membership platform for your customers) NFC Tags are available in a range of designs, styles, & sizes. QR tags, & virtual tags are also available.   Initiative 4 - Membership Services & Benefits Packages Offering a membership solution, for easy member management, allowing membership managers to provide custom benefits packages, & leveraging the Aurora enterprise directories.   Initiative 5 - Communication & Alerting Services In partnership with commercial communication services, Aurora is able to offer a range of utility services, such as internet telephones, messaging, & more.   Initiative 6 - Business & Charity Services Aurora wants to support the many enterprises, from small businesses, to charities & non-profits. From working with charities to revolutionise fundraising, to helping businesses & charities work better together, Aurora is finding ways to help enterprises to make a difference & allow them to focus on what they do best. These include: Consulting for Good Working with businesses & charities to improve effectiveness, refine their product & services, capturing & writing scope documentation, & delivering projects in a controlled manner. Publishing for Good (Launching soon) Offering a publication service, Aurora has a growing library of books & other media from experts making their knowledge accessible to the masses.With each copy of each publication helping good causes, Aurora is helping Publishing for Good. Technology for Good (Launching soon) Want to turn your idea into a reality? Aurora has partnered with a range of screened development companies in many places across the globe. By focusing on what it is the client's best interests, we help to capture the exact requirements in a way that translates into a technical instruction for accurate delivery of what you truly need, at a reasonable price, supporting worthwhile businesses, & making a difference by creating donations to good causes. We are also working with a range of other enterprises, determined to 'do good', to design a number of other initiatives, such as Photos for Good, creating a bank of images with donations to good causes & authors for their use, Networking for Good (a Networking social enterprise group focused on helping create global change), & a Care Connector social enterprise, focused on being 'the safe watering hole' where the cahllenges faced by the care community can be openly discussed, with a view to finding effective lasting solutions. If you're interested in working with Aurora, please reach out. How the Initiatives Work Together: Aurora's initiatives are all designed to work together to help, support & enhance one another. One such example of this interconnetivity between initiatives are Aurora's Smart Tags, offering a wide range of domestic & commercial smart technology products rely on the Aurora Social Enterprises innovation platform to power a wide range of features & functions that Aurora has to offer, extending beyond life saving Medical ID wearables to aid treatment by first responders & paramedics, to the wide range of Commercial Smart Tags providing inventory & property management solutions, event management solutions, rental and tourism solutions, and a wide range of other offerings that save time, money, and lives. As part of Aurora's mission to revolutionise fundraising, we use our free charity directory, to allow charities, non-profits, and clubs to demonstrate real impact, so we can truly see the good for our community and our world that we can achieve together. Using Aurora as the connectivity and workflow hub to enable these initiatives to inter-operate means that Aurora truly can make a difference, where the sum of the benefits increases exponentially based on the initiatives that are enabled by it. Aurora's mission is not a small one. One step at a time, we will make a difference, through the incredible initiatives that are powered by Aurora.

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Aurora Smart Tags and ICE Wearables

Aurora Smart Tags are one of Aurora's initiatives working towards our single mission; to make a real difference.   Designed to provide key information, when found, to aid care and recovery. Our domestic wearables are designed to help save lives. Helping first responders provide access to life saving medical & contact, & location information, leading to the best selection of care, Auroras's ICE Smart Tags, powered by Aurora's global platform, are designed to be easy to use, robust, and reliable. Offered in a range of forms, they are ideal for anyone with a medical condition, life-threatening allergy, health & fitness enthusiasts, pets, & are ideal during pregancy, as well as for dementia sufferers. If you find someone in need, a lost pet, or even a set of keys, carrying one of our "ICE NFC" Smart Tags, scan the tag and find out important, potentially life saving information, ranging from medical or carer details, to return instructions. Easy.   It's easy to help save the lives of the ones you care about, with our ICE medical emergency Smart tags & bands:     •   Easy to Set Up. Easy to Update - It's got to be simple, so it can easily be kept up to date!    •   No Special App - After all, who has time to download an app in an emergency?!    •   Works with virtually every smartphone, including iPhones and Android - Universal compatibility    •   Works Worldwide - Who knows where it may be needed!    •   Store up to date key medical & owner contact information - You choose what information you wish to display!    •   Receive location alerts when scanned - Know when & where the tag was scanned!    •   Uses tried & tested NFC technology, already integrated into virtually all modern smartphones - A worldwide standard!    •   Weatherproof/water resistant - Designed to be tough!    •   One off price. No subscription costs   Want to know more? For more information on Aurora Smart Tags, and other wearables, visit or download the brochure on ICE SmartTags Brochure For details on Commercial uses for Aurora Smart Tags, such as asset tagging, inventory management, & proof of presence Compliance, visit

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