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Why we created our Free directory:

No matter how great and innovative your enterprise may be, success relies on the right people getting to know you exist!!!

We know how hard it is for even the best products, services, & ideas to be noticed, so list yourself in our no obligation/no pressure FREE directory, helping people find you, and understand more about what makes your organisation special.

Unless you have more business than you can handle, isn't it worth spending just a couple of minutes adding your own business details to get your free listing?

Wherever you are in the UK, or indeed the world, listing your business, charity, non-profit, or club, on Aurora's free business listing provides a great opportunity for it to be discovered, and better understood.


What's in it for everyone?

Many businesses and charities have a clear mission. They want to focus on what they do best, and may not have time, energy, skills, or insight for raising market awareness.

Our mission is to help small businesses & charities become more successful. This positively impacts their local area, creating local affluence, which creates more spending, donating, and more local engagement.


All in all, it creates a 'virtuous circle', where everyone benefits.

For us, with a wide range of ways to help support & connect with businesses & charities, it creates better opportunities to help one another.


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