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Virtual Mondays

Each week, Virtual Mondays runs a virtual networking event between Monday 10:30am-12:00pm.

With a 60/90 minute agenda (leave after 60 minutes, or stay for the full 90 minutes), it is designed to entertain, educate & inform as well as help you connect.

2D Networking

1st Monday – 2D Networking (B2B & B2C) – Free – https://aurora.enterprises/link/bookvirtual1

Networking for Good

2nd Monday – Networking for Good (B2B) – For members or ticket holders – https://aurora.enterprises/link/bookvirtual2

Neurodiversity Networking 

3rd Monday – Neurodiversity networking – Free – https://aurora.enterprises/link/bookvirtual3

Care Connector Networking

4th Monday – Care Connector suppliers networking (B2B) – e.g. for supplier members, their guests + ticket holders – https://aurora.enterprises/link/bookvirtual4

We believe in the power of quality networking. Marketing helps promote what we do, but networking helps it grow.

As a result, we assist, sponsor & promote a range of ethical, positive, & uplifting 4 groups in a rolling rota, based on which Monday of the Month the event falls upon.

Events include:

For up to date event information, visit Facebook or Linked-In for more information, or contact any of the Virtual Mondays team!


Additional benefits:

For the Care Connector networking (4th Monday), CC members are able to invite an attendee free as their guest too!

Also, each group (1st/3rd/4th) will also be extending an invite (from June onwards), to a member-selected networking group as our guest (different group each time), helping bring in new people to meet & cross-pollinate, & to enjoy Virtual Mondays!

Want to speak at one of our Virtual Monday events? Add yourself to the EventRaptor speaker directory - Free (Site operated by EventRaptor), and then contact us!

Current Sponsors:

Want to sponsor one of our events? Contact us here

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