Landline (Regional number with no line rental!)

offered by Temasi Web-Hosting


Get a landline, and make it easy to answer it on your mobile, computer, tablet, or even an office VOIP phone.

Make it easier to receive business calls wherever you are worldwide with a smartphone or computer & data access.

This deal includes regional landline number (region of your choice), initial setup, administation assistance (via email or telephone), links to recommended free or low cost softphones (for computers and mobiles), & supporting installation guide(s).

Our review

Great deal for all businesses or individuals wishing to have a reliable regional landline! Easy to set up. Great quality. Highly flexible. Works worldwide!

NOW ONLY : £55.95
£69.95 (20.01% OFF)

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This deal is currently unavailable

Terms: Note: You are paying for the admin and set up of the landline, coupled with the number and supporting installation guide. Setup normally takes around 3-5 working days To use this deal, you will need a laptop, mobile, or internet phone. You can log in on multiple devices at the same time. The first device to answer will 'take receipt' of the call For the VOIP phone to work, all you need is a suitable device (smartphone, computer or a dedicated VOIP handset), & an active internet connection, such as home/business broadband, WiFi, or a stable 2G/3G/4G mobile phone connection. The VOIP landline is being provided by one of our VOIP partners, of whom we are a registered affiliate. By purchase of this deal, you are agreeing to their terms and conditions, which we shall provide as part of the setup process. Support for this VOIP service, beyond initial setup can be obtained from Temasi at standard service charge rates

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