ICE Tag Inventory Management Sticker

offered by Aurora Smart Tags


SmartDevice ICE Token Sticker with the ‘“NFC on ICE”™ design. These can be attached to any non-metallic surface.

Perfect for sticking to any valuables, or items such as wallets, purses, computers, tablets, or even disability equipment. 

Stickers also suitable for Asset management and even for your Helmet (For example bicycle, skiing, climbing)

Product Description:

  • 25mm circular NFC sticker with 'ICE' label.
  • Maximum global compatibility using the latest NFC NTAG 213 technology (similar to that of Contactless Payments, GooglePay, Apple Pay etc.)


  • Smart Devices work with all NFC enabled smartphones, including iPhone (from 7 upwards), & most Android & Windows smartphones with maximum global compatibility
  • (iPhone models 7, 8, & 'X' requires an NFC reader app to activate this in-built phone feature. Several are available free on the App store)
  • Learn more about SmartDevices on the main Aurora website portal -


  • Standard ICE Sticker is included.


  • Bespoke design (used for unique asset registration numbers, bar codes, or other individual information that maybe required), and resistant waterproof overlay stickers are available at extra cost. Graphic design assistance service available. Please contact us to discuss your needs further

Important note: Do not stick directly to metal, as this may stop the NFC chip from being read. To prevent damage to the tag, do not excessively bend/fold.

Other benefits:

  • With no standard membership costs on any of our Smart Devices, and ease of updating your message, you will also benefit from providing instructions to someone if found. 

 Quantity & Shipping:

  • Regarding, wholesale enquires, SmartDevice ICE Tag Stickers (T4), available in sheets of 10 stickers that can be provided in any pack quantity needed. Subject to minimum quantity orders.
  • Available today and dispatched within 1-2 days.

Locations and Tags: Manchester UK

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Terms: In the interests of fraud prevention, we will only ship to the card holders address.

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