Covid Testing Kit (Antibody Test)

offered by Primary Toxicology


Testing for Antibodies to show your body is currently fighting a Covid infection, coupled with second result showing if body has signs of fighting Covid in the past.

These tests have been demonstrated to be 95-98% accurate, if used correctly. Link to Instruction video will be sent separately to the order.
These tests are considered as Commercial test kits. This means that the results are only reliable if the correct process/procedure is followed.

This test is designed to never provide false positives. This means that in the rare occasions that the results are not accurate, they may provide a negative test result (indicating that no, or insufficient, antibodies were discovered in the test sample).

These are being exclusively promoted by Primary Toxicology via Aurora.

Exclusively at : £48.00

Donation: 5%

This deal is currently unavailable

Terms: Tests can only be used once. Due to the nature of the product, no returns are possible. Please enquire with any questions before purchase.

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