Special dedication message on the Aurora portal

offered by Aurora Retail


Buy a Thank you or Dedication, and leave a special message, on the Aurora Portal.

At Aurora, we want to offer the chance to write a dedication on our website. Whether for a loved one, as a dedication, or other special message, or as a thank you, why not buy a dedicated slot on the website portal, through a unique redemption code.

Your message will stay forever on the site, with a unique number, and choice of several special emojis to choose from.

After purchase, we will send you a unique code and link to your email address, to simply follow, choose an emoji, & fill in your message.

There are lots of ways to help good causes, and if you buy this offer we will donate a whopping 90% of the profits from this purchase to good causes.

Exclusively at : £5.00

Donation: 50%

Time Remaining:

Terms: The dedication cannot contain rude words, or be of inflammatory content.

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