Virtual Technology Director (monthly)

offered by Aurora Retail


Most companies become slaves to technology. They become trapped by regulation and beaurocracy, and become inefficient with their use of technology, wasting valuable manpower which could be used far more effectively.

Make technology work for your business and don't let it limit your business.

Not every organisation can justify a full time technical specialist, able to work with any aspect of technology, and how it integrates and supports the organisation, and as a consequence, many organisations never get access to such skills.

We help you examine, integrate, update, and overhaul your technology to fit your business needs, putting you and your company best interests first. It is our ethos to always put ourselves 'in your shoes', and help you use the right technology to support what you do best, and where you want to go.

With an impressive track record with many of the FTSE 100 companies, government bodies and councils, charities and non-profits, as well as many financial services and retail clients, most of our work comes by reputation and recommendation, but recently we have extended our capabilites to offer a great value service to help even the smallest of businesses.

We become your very own CTO (Chief Technology Officer) for the month, focused on 'hands-on' assistance with supporting the right technology.

This enables your business to focus on what you do best, while we help you stay on top of the right technology to best fit your needs.


This introductory fee includes:

a) Initial assessment and report on your business, customers, stakeholders, supporting technology, and technical opportunities for enhancing your business, according to alignment with your short, mid and long term roadmap.

b) 4x 1 hour meeting (by telephone) + 2 hours of 'follow-up action time' per meeting. (Totalling an extra 12 hours of specialist technical expertise !!!)

NOW ONLY : £890.00
£1,200.00 (25.83% OFF)

Donation: 5%

Time Remaining:

Terms: Note: Work is carried out remotely, using a virtual co-working space for easy interaction. On site presence by request & agreement, is also subject to the addition of travel costs. Time spent will be allocated as effectively as possible, to ensure maximum benefit to you. Please contact us to discuss questions prior to purchase.

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