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(SAMPLE) Help for Homeless (Demo Charity) - (SAMPLE) - Help for Homeless - Campaign for Bob Swansea

Aims and Promises:

(SAMPLE) - Help for Homeless - Campaign for Bob Swansea
Campaign Aim - To help Homeless Bob become self-sufficient
With £ 2500 - we promise to provide rent and deposit for 6 months 1 Homeless person
With £ 15 - we promise to provide food & lodgings for 1 Homeless person

This is a sample Campaign to demonstrate how the Aurora donation platform works. Any donations made here will be used to support homeless charities that are clear on how they will make a difference. Aurora works with various homeless organisations to use any donations made to support positive change.

Bob Swansea wasn't born homeless.

After his marriage fell apart in 2016, Bob moved out, leaving his wife and children in the marital home. As with many newly separated men, his car became his home, for what he hoped would be just a very short time. Unfortunately he has never managed to get a roof over his head since.

Losing his job, and with no fixed abode, finding new work as a retail manager became difficult. Not wanting to be too far away from his children, yet unable to care for them overnight, Bob's challenges truly begun. Without his children, Bob's interest in life, and enthusiasm slowly drifted away. Without any income, no savings, and no fixed abode, he soon discovered he had fallen down the cracks, and became a 'non person'. As so many discover, there seemed to be no way to receive a government helping hand, by no longer having an address.

Help for Homeless found Bob on the streets 1 year ago, with no car, no posessions, and little more than a crumpled, and heavily worn photograph of his 2 children, tucked inside his shirt pocket for safe keeping.

"On the streets, the daily need to buy razors and shave came second to finding enough food, and so I soon grew a beard. Perhaps it acts as a good disguise from former workers who I've seen walk past me, and might be embarassed to see how far I'd fallen. But with the help of Help for Homeless, I'm determined to be back on my feet by this Christmas, so I'll start 2021 in a new home".

Bob, also hopes to find work, and on visits to our Help for Homeless offices, has taken the opportunity to learn more about Excel, using our range of online courses. Bob has demonstrated just how well he has got to grips with Office, and is even learning about CRM tools for managing contacts, to aid finding a permanent role in a retail office. When he can walk tall again, he hopes to spend more time rebuilding his relationship with his children.

"When I'm back on my feet, I know I can do well in an office environment, with my retail and staff supervisor skills to call upon"

Every donation matters, to help Bob to recover.

Each day, he needs £15 for food and hostel lodgings, and intends to save up £2,500 for a 2 month deposit on a shared flat, and 2 months advanced rent, with £500 of savings to use on food, bills, and any commuting costs to the work he hopes to find.

As of October 2019, Bob has saved up £425, through the generosity of passers by.

Bob thanks you for your help towards his £2,500 savings target.

Read about his blog - Click here

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