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(SAMPLE) Dutch Mountain Rescue Team - (SAMPLE) Hunting and Foraging in the Wild made easy

Aims and Promises:

(SAMPLE) Hunting and Foraging in the Wild made easy
Campaign Aim - Helping encourage self-sufficiency to survive the harsh Dutch wilderness
With £ 200 - we promise to print 20000 flyers
With £ 100 - we promise to train 50 people with how to survive in the Dutch wilderness
With £ 10 - we promise to create 2 Nut and Snack first aid pack(s)

Learning to be self-sufficient in the wild is a skill that fewer people seem to posess.

With people lost everyday in the rough Dutch terrain, we are running a campaign to place high value foods in places easy to see at high altitude. We are running courses in recognising which nuts and berries are edible, and we are creating posters and flyers to help educate people braving the wilderness.

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