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(SAMPLE) Dutch Mountain Rescue Team - (SAMPLE) High Altitude Survival training and awareness

Aims and Promises:

(SAMPLE) High Altitude Survival training and awareness
Campaign Aim - To use donations to help create life saving awareness to visitors of the Dutch peaks
No promises have been made yet.

Help Joost and Roos to treat vertigo sufferers, and introduce them to a new lease of life. Dutch Mountain Climbing in safety. Lives could be saved by the actions of yourself to help Joost and Roos, the other unrecognised heroes of the Dutch high altitudes.


Our donation Promise and Thresholds:

£0-£50 - The first £50 of donations will be used to pay for 10 high visibility DMRT branded T-Shirts, available to use by anyone braving the largest peaks, helping spread the word of the importance of understanding how to cope if trapped too far above sea level. (The first two will be used by Joost and Roos to buy matching DMRT t-shirts as a uniform for patrolling the mind-bending heights)

£50-100 - The next £50 raised will be used to help DMRT to develop an online training course for survival at altitude within the Netherlands. It’s time to act!

Above these thresholds, every penny counts. Joost and Roos will use donations to pay for air ambulance and helicopter rescue, as well as food and chew toys for our rescue dog, Mountbatten.


Target - If a total of £5,000 is raised, Joost and Roos will also create a sequel video. Keep donating!

If this campaign is popular, Aurora will help us to produce special DMRT t-shirts for sale to the general public, generating genuine donations for good causes.

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Our review

This is not a real campaign, but instead an example of how a campaign could work to raise money for a charity to a specific cause.

Some costs for a campaign are simply unknown, but most costs are predictable. We want all campaigns to be clear in what the donations will bring. We also want it to be clear how much each campaign raises.

Please note that (for all campaigns on Aurora) 100% of the donations received are sent to the charity for use on the campaign promises. We cannot control a charity's spend, but we will be asking the charity for feedback and proof of the benefits achieved, and how these stack up against the promises made.

These charity updates will be added to the site for you to read about in the Guest Blog section.


Even though this campaign is not real, it will be 'allowed to receive donations'. Any donations received will be put towards a central donation pot, and allocated to charity campaigns of your choice, based on your collective input. All of this information, from totals received to the charities it is channelled towards, will be publicly available, and will become visible once the site features are enabled.


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