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RespectFor.Me - Trauma Counselling

Aims and Promises:

Trauma Counselling
Campaign Aim - Trauma Counselling through recommended therapist
With £ 45 - we promise to provide 1 subsidised therapy session

Working in conjunction with Aurora, RespectFor.Me will provide an hour of trauma conselling or suitable narcissistic abuse therapy.

Through screened trusted counselling services, subsidised by Aurora, we make this promise for how donations will be directed.

Our review

Aurora recognise the importance of helping people avoid narcissistic bullying, whether childhood, relationship, or workplace, and to lead a life without ultimatums & oppression.
As such, Aurora has established a number of qualified therapists & counsellors who are able to provide the right level of service to help people in need, helping sufferers to access these services as a more affordable price.

This type of trauma counselling is extremely useful to help free people from the painful grips of others, and to allow them to lead a better, happier, and healthier quality of life.

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