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Pet Blood Blank - Save-A-Pet's life through Blood Collection

Aims and Promises:

Save-A-Pet's life through Blood Collection
Campaign Aim - To collect blood from healthy dogs, to help save dogs in need
With £ 100 - we promise to collect 1 pack of life saving pet blood

If a dog or cat needs blood following an accident, or during life saving treatment, where does this life saving blood come from?

The answer - The charity, Pet Blood Bank, who supply virtually every veterinary practice across the UK with stocks of blood and plasma, which they provide at no profit to vets, to help make treatments more affordable. (*)

Collection of blood involves travelling around the country, using the services of vets, laboratories & onsite testing, collecting equipment, transporting and preservation of blood by freezing, to help save those valuable pet lives.

Each donation can produce 4 small packs of blood, in the ideal size to help with surgery.

It costs around £100 to collect each pack of blood from donor dogs which is used to help save a pet's life.

Every vet needs to have access to this stock, by either keeping it on site, or having rapid access to it from a nearby 'stockist'.

We don't spend much on marketing to raise awareness, so we can spend the money we receive on helping collect blood. Help be our voice!


How you can help us:

  1. Tell others about where pet blood comes from, and the good work we do.
  2. Help us raise awareness to prospective blood donors, which in turn creates the donations
  3. Help us raise funds, to help save pet lives across the UK

(*) Vets receive the blood packet for the cost it takes to collect them, on the condition that the vets do not charge the customer any more for the blood. This helps ensure that life saving treatments do not become prohibitive, & injured animals can get the treatment they need.

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