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Period Poverty UK - Red Rebel Day - War on Period Poverty
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Aims and Promises:

Red Rebel Day - War on Period Poverty
Campaign Aim - Since the start of the pandemic – the period poverty crisis has doubled. We need all the help we can get and we can't do it without YOU!
No promises have been made yet.

The Gift Wellness Foundation is coming together with communities all over the UK to eliminate period poverty.

#RedRebelDay aims to raise £100,000 to be able to distribute 600,000 menstrual pads - supplying over 12,000 needy women and girls with at least 6 month’s supply of product.

Our mission is to provide menstrual products to women in crisis: women who are homeless, or living on low incomes, dependent on food banks and shelters, as well as refugees and girls in poor regions of the world who are prevented from education due to menstruation.

So far we’ve donated around 6.2 million pads, but we need to do much more! During the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand from charities in the UK has more than doubled.

Homeless women: The pandemic has been particularly hard on the homeless, especially on homeless women. Often homeless women have a dilemma whilst on their periods – to eat or to have sanitary protection. We supply homeless charities all over Britain with menstrual products. Foodbanks: The number of foodbanks in the UK have more than doubled during the pandemic. We’re inundated with pleas from foodbanks from all over the country, on which people who have lost their jobs are heavily dependent. Carol from Nottingham said, “Since losing my job because of the Covid, I’ve had no choice but to use the foodbank. When I can’t afford enough food for my kids, I certainly can’t buy sanitary products for myself?”

Women’s shelters: As well as unemployment or low-income causing period poverty, there has been a steep rise in violent abuse towards women, resulting in women’s shelters becoming oversubscribed and finding it difficult to provide the essentials that their service users need.


They contact us through our website in desperate need of menstrual products. We cannot stand by and let this continue, will YOU? Our goal is to eliminate period poverty in Britain’s most deprived communities by 2025. It is a mammoth task, and one which will only be possible with your support.

Our review

To think that in the 21st Century, something as basic as menstrual pads, an unavoidable biological need for 51% of the world's population, are not affordable to all women, including so many in the UK, who prioritise the needs of their families over that of their own, despite the embarrasment, degrading hardship and suffering that this brings.

There are lots of ways to help. Donations may seem like the most obvious way, but we can also spread the word, and helping ensure that more and more places can stock accessible menstrual products (like an on-request food bank).

This campaign focuses on raising funds (and awareness) to pay for such products to be distributed to those most in need, from teenage girls unable to afford to buy their own supplies, to homeless women, or to those simply without the money to prioritise their own needs, especially at such a time of crisis.

In the developed world, we can all go into a healthcare clinic and access free contraception for an activity that is optional. As a biological function, menstration cannot be avoided. Surely such an essential activity justifies access to such products for all women?

We can all make a difference so very easily. Period Poverty really should not be a 'thing' in this day and age.


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